Mobile Application Terms & Conditions:

"touch" general Terms and Conditions:
touch mobile application will allow you to benefit from 'My Services', 'Recharging Channels', 'Transfer Credits', 'FREE SMS' and 'Current Balance' sections launched by the Company, according to the terms and conditions, mentioned below, as they will bind you and you will bear the financial and legal results arising there from.
I- Participation in the above mentioned services/features through the mobile application:
1- The related fees to the selected abovementioned mobile application services will be immediately and directly added to the monthly invoice(postpaid subscribers) or credited from the balance(prepaid subscribers) in favor of the Company upon the success of the registration process. The related fees are non-refundable for any reason.
2- As a proof of completion of the participation, the Company shows a pop up screen confirming the transaction.
II-The mobile application services procedures:
1- The Company retains the right at its discretion to amend the specified periods of time, the mobile application services, and the related fees for these services, by announcing the modifications on the main web page of these mobile application services.
2- The mobile application service is conducted according to the instructions set herein which are binding to the beneficiary.
III- Liability
The beneficiary shall solely bear any and all liability resulting from:
- The failure to maintain the confidentiality of the transaction.
- Not having enough funds to pay the full amount of the selected mobile application service fee/charge.
- Using a credit or debit card illegally acquired.
- Any failure of whatever kind that might occur to the communication system through the internet and/or the failure that may occur to the site of the Company during or while the transaction is taking place or any other failure that may prevent the user from participating or completing the participation in the mobile application services or finalizing the transaction.
- Participating in the mobile application service by mistake or for purposes other than that of good faith.
IV- Miscellaneous:
1- The Beneficiary shall bear the total financial/legal liability that may result from carrying out the above mentioned mobile application services without any liability whatsoever to the Company.
2- The Beneficiary took notice and agreed that the Company does not have any kind of supervision or control or administration on any of the operations that will or may occur through this mobile application.
3- The Beneficiary took notice and agreed that the Company shall not be responsible for any abuse/hacking that may affect any of the above mentioned services/features through this mobile application.
4- The user, upon clicking 'submit' button will automatically accept and undertake to abide by all the above terms and conditions without any reserve or objection, as of the moment of his/her participation, and the Beneficiary will assume the total financial/legal liability in this respect".